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Drone Educosystem Project 2022

About this Program

In this program, student will undergone three series of workshops which includes 1) The Introduction of Drone, 2) Building Your Own Drone Parts, 3) Assemble & Fly Your Drone. In the first workshop, they will learn the of fundamentals of how Drone works, application of Drone in in industries and what kind of career paths is related to Drone. Not only fundamental knowledges on Drone, participants will also be equipped with Technopreneurship Mindset which important to navigate their future career path. In second workshop, they will learn to create their own 3D Printed Drone using 3D Printing and lastly in the third workshop, they will learn how to assemble and fly the drone that they built. The knowledge they acquired through out this workshop will be useful if the student want to participate in future Drone competition that Leave a Nest and MyCRO will organise in October.

Who should join?

High school students who are interested in Engineering, drone, and technology implementation to our society.


  • 19th Mac 2021, 9 am – 11am, Workshop 1: Introduction about Drone & Workshop 2: Building Your Own Drone Parts
  • 20th Mac 2021, 9 am – 11am, Workshop 3: Assemble and Flying your Drone