Founder and Group CEO
Ph.D in Agriculture

Yukihiro Maru

Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness

The vision “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness “, which aims to promote not only the evolution of mankind but also the progress of the entire earth by utilizing the science and technology that have always been the basis of change. Leave a Nest was founded in Japan in December 2001 by 15 graduate students majoring in science technology and engineering, and is the world's first startup company to offer Knowledge Manufacturing Process Technology as a service. At the time of establishment, we were young energetic researchers, and we started our business with the passion to solve challenges (deep issues which needs solving in the society) in the world and continue to provide solution to things that no one else has ever done. “I wanted to create a slightly “geeky” laboratory which can provide solution to unforeseen challenges in the world”.  This unique culture has been passed down from seniors to juniors, from Japan to the world, and has become a powerful driving force of Leave a Nest Group.

 We will always be a player in the project to drive it forward. Leave a Nest's mission is to “Become the most effective knowledge manufacturer on the planet”. There is great potential for us researchers. By gathering the knowledge of researchers from around the world, and by enabling people around the world to access and utilize that knowledge, we will create Knowledge Manufacturing Process Technology that generate new value, knowledge, solve global issues that no one has been able to solve, and realize global happiness. So as players, we will continue to be a member of researchers who generates and promote seeds for innovation.

The value of Leave a Nest is the ability to implement a global knowledge manufacturing strategy beyond nation, cultural, and religion borders.

For example, we can uncover the challenges of the ASEAN (especially in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam) and have it inbound to Japan with Singapore acting as the hub for South East Asia 

By bringing in British and American technology seeds to Japan, we can combine them at our Knowledge Manufacturing base and implement an Inbound Globalization Strategy to resolve issues in Asia, thereby building a global ecosystem. Until we achieve Global Happiness, we will continue to work with all the partners who shares the vision with us to create new value and knowledge with our partners.