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Human Development


We support the career development of researchers and the development of the ability to implement them in society.

Researchers engaged in research at universities and companies are currently making efforts to develop science and technology. The evolution of researchers themselves is directly linked to the development of science and technology.

At Leave a Nest, we have taken various measures to help young researchers develop better careers. One example is Science Bridge Leader Development Project which aims to develop human resources who can solve social problems in cooperation with people in different fields by creating value through Science Bridge Communication, and Carrier Discovery Forum which aims to “Creating a future career” between researchers and companies. These efforts encourage growth in accordance with individual circumstances, not only for young researchers, but also for researchers with different career stages and affiliations.

In addition, these human resource development activities have a two-way effect that not only supporters but also supporters can grow significantly. Based on this fact, we launched Human Resources Development Project, which is based on the “A system for self-growth by removing the boundaries of fields and supporting people from other fields”.

It's not just that the different fields here are different types of jobs and industries. Differences between generations, positions, and roles in society, such as children and adults, students and adults, universities and companies, and startups and large companies, are also called “different field” and the interaction between these groups always leads to new discoveries and growth for each. Leave a Nest will continue to support the development of human resources as a “co-education” where supporters and supporters grow together.


It is a quarterly magazine for corporate planning staff. With the mission of “Open new ways of thinking about human resource development and innovate in human resource development” we are focusing on the development of interactive human resources through “Grow people and grow yourself”. (Japanese only)

Nest Garage is a magazine that introduces the contents of the activities that Leave a Nest is developing globally. We will deliver to you the information at the forefront of Knowledge Manufacturing. We cover wide range of topics from education, human resource development, researchers and startup support.


Career Discovery Forum

Career Discovery Forum is a career conference aimed at “Creating a future career”.

Students and researchers with a wide range of knowledge and experience gather together with companies that are taking on new challenges, and we have prepared programs to discuss the future of each. By mixing large companies, startups, and researchers, each of which communicates in both directions, it has become an opportunity for many accidental encounters.

For both companies and students, you can meet targets not only related to your field, but that you have never met before in a different field. By discussing their future careers, the flow of human resources and open innovation will be accelerated. That's what this conference is about.