Privacy Policy (General Data Protection Regulation policy) is here

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company” or “We”) will strictly adhere to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter the “Protection Act”) and has adopted the following privacy policy (hereinafter “this Policy”) for the handling of personal information collected through websites we operate (including but limited to https://lne.st, https://global.lne.st/, and https://r.lne.st/, hereinafter referred to as “Our Websites”) and every business operation we conduct.

Article 1  (Defined Terms)

The definition for “Personal information” as it is used in this Policy is the same as that defined by Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Protection Act.

Article 2  (Personal information collected)

We will collect personal information relevant to our business activities and other activities using lawful and fair methods included but not limited to those listed below.

(1) Information entered into Our Websites through all types of user registration and the inquiry section.

(2) Information entered into application forms and other paperwork including contracts for business activities (including but not limited to LNest Grant, L-RAD, L-nest School, our consultation services for research careers and research themes, Science Castle, Science Castle Grant, and Science Kingdom, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Our Businesses”) conducted or operated by Our Company (including business activities undertaken in cooperation with third parties).

(3) Information entered into, digital data provided via, or written content entered into Our Websites regarding recruitment activities.

Article 3  (Purpose of use of personal information collected)

We will use personal information collected for the purposes listed below. We will not use personal information for purposes exceeding those listed below without consent from users themselves.

(1) For general improvements to Our Websites.

(2) To collect and compile statistical data for the management and improvement of Our Websites and our research and studies.

(3) For surveys concerning Our Businesses, data collection, and research and development.

(4) To send information about Our Company’s and Our Businesses’ products, services, events, news, and other information.

(5) To distribute our e-mail magazine.

(6) To provide information, contact, or respond to inquiries concerning Our Company or Our Websites.

(7) To deal with violations against Our Businesses’ terms of use or other rules.

(8) For recruitment activities of Our Company (including personnel management after employees joining the company).

(9) To perform causal analysis of technical problems occurred to Our Company’s, the businesses’ of Our Company, or Our Websites’ servers, and to resolve these problems.

Article 4  (Information provision and disclosure to a third party)

Except when disclosure is allowed by the Protection Act and other laws and regulations, we shall not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining consent in advance from the individual to which the information pertains.

Article 5  (Joint use of personal information)

We engage in joint use of personal information within the scope of the purposes detailed below.

(1) Types of information used jointly Name, date of birth, gender, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, affiliation (including official position), user registration status, product and service purchase status, inquiry history
(2) Scope of parties allowed joint use Our Subsidiaries (referring to the subsidiaries and associated companies of Our Company including those located overseas in accordance with provisions set forth in the “Regulation on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements”) and the primary group companies of Our Company (hereinafter referred to as “Our Subsidiaries, etc.”).

* Primary group companies of Our Company referred to as those listed in the column labeled “Leave a Nest Main Body” on the following URL. Please see the following URL for further details.


(3) Purpose of other parties’ joint use Same as those described in Article 3 of this Policy. However, concerning the purpose of use for joint use, substitute “Our Subsidiaries, etc.” for “Our Company,” and “Websites provided by Our Subsidiaries, etc.” for “Our Websites.”
(4) Managing party in charge of joint use Our Company


Article 6  (Management of personal information)

Our Company prevents the destruction, damage, leakage, or fraudulent use of personal information, appoints a person in charge of managing personal information, and takes any necessary measures for performing safety management to ensure appropriate management of personal information.

Article 7  (Disclosure, correction, suspension of the use of personal information, etc.)

In accordance with the Protection Act, when Our Company is requested by a user to disclose, suspend, add, delete, stop the use, or erase (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”) his or her personal information, we will respond in an appropriate manner following the provisions in the Protection Act; provided, however, that this may not apply in case of Our Company not bearing any obligation for disclosure, etc., in accordance with the Protection Act and other laws.

Article 8  (Enquiry section)

For comments and questions concerning this Policy and any other enquiries concerning the handling of personal information, please contact the following staff and number.

Personal information handling staff, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Weekdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Telephone: +81 3-5227-4198

Article 9  (Revisions to this Policy)

Our Company reserves the right to revise this Policy in whole or in part by our own judgment without user consent. If users use Our Websites after revisions to this Policy have been made, it will be assumed that they agree to the said revision. However, when this Policy undergoes major revisions, users will be informed by a notice posted on Our Websites or other appropriate methods.


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Revised 22 June 2015
Revised 20 March 2016
Revised 20 June 2018
Revised 12 February 2019