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Ki_ni_naru Project 2022

What is “Ki_ni_naru”?

In the Philippines, there is a lack of education that encourages students to develop their curiosity without being limited by subject matter or discipline. The Ki_ni_naru Project is a 3-month workshop, that aims to enhance the research capabilities of young students without them worrying about the “science” and the “purpose” behind what they are researching, leveraging only curiosity as the motivation for doing it. The program offers content that teaches scientific way of thinking and Scientific method as a form of online video materials that participants can refer to repeatedly, with individual mentoring by Leave a Nest experts. This project helps students develop their own hypotheses, make observations, acquire data, and analyze data for future research activities.

*Ki ni naru” is a Japanese phrase that means “curious”

Who should join?

Junior or senior high school students who believe that they want to reinforce their basic research skills.


  • 2022/02/11: Kick-off session
  • 2022/02/14 ~ 2022/04/21: Viewing of pre-recorded lecture videos and mentoring sessions
  • 2022/04/22: Final presentations