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Launch for Students’ Research Project to Solve Global Issues!

Launch for Students’ Research Project to Solve Global Issues!

On 10th June 2021 (Thursday) from 3:00 pm to 4.30 pm GMT+8, The kick-off for the TSUNAGU research project was held. This is a joint research project whereby junior and high school students come and work together as a team across the national ASEAN borders together with Japan. Due to the current pandemic, this project was launched online. 

Students will be working on one big research topic that is to be further developed and branched out. This provides an opportunity for students to work together and share their visions, ideas and views. Our objective is also to allow students to develop interests in research and stimulate their curious minds in a wider aspect. A total of 14 schools from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Japan have presented a short introduction about their schools. 

One of the key highlights was the keynote speech delivered by Dr. Sarena Che Omar from Khazanah Research Institute. The theme of her speech was ‘Why bother with agriculture?’. This is because at first impression, countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Japan, have low GDP contributions (<10%) for their agriculture sector, compared to other sectors. However, agriculture is more than just GDP contributions. Food security, for example, is heavily reliant on agriculture, and this is reflected based on The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs – physiological aspect, particularly food. Additionally, as a country develops, the demands and requirements of the consumers change (a move towards artisanal, organic foods and more sustainable foods). This explains in a nutshell why agriculture should grow concurrently with the nation. Apart from that, Malaysia’s land is being harvested at an alarming rate, and the only solution to this worrying situation is to increase agricultural efficiency and productivity. This is where students will be heavily involved: to research and propose solutions to solve this burning issue. 

With the completion of the Kick off event, students will commence their desktop research activities to deepen the understanding of existing social issues related to palm oil. 

This time, we are proud to announce that Tsunagu Research Project 2021 will be run in collaboration with one of the most renowned Palm Oil Companies from Malaysia “ FGV Holdings Berhad”. With their support students across the world will be working on the research from their own countries.  

Leave a Nest will be collaborating furthermore with private sectors to support research activities of the young students to solve global issues. On 2nd July 2021, Leave a Nest will be conducting an online seminar to further explain about Tsunagu Research Project and how private sectors may partner to enhance CSR activities of companies.


For more details : https://global.lne.st/1lei