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Leave a Nest Malaysia collaborates with MRANTI to Strengthen Deep Tech Ecosystem in Malaysia and Japan

Leave a Nest Malaysia collaborates with MRANTI to Strengthen Deep Tech Ecosystem in Malaysia and Japan

[Tokyo, Japan – June 15, 2023] – Leave a Nest Malaysia, a leading science and technology company, and Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), a prominent research and innovation agency in Malaysia, have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Centre of Garage in Tokyo, Japan. The signing ceremony took place on the 15th of June following Leave a Nest's highly successful Global Conference. The MoU signifies a significant milestone in promoting collaboration and advancing technological innovation between the two organisations. The event also coincided with the celebration of the 50th ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Cooperation Anniversary, further highlighting the significance of this partnership in fostering regional collaboration.

The MoU was signed by Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of MRANTI, in the presence of Mr. Khalid Yashaiya, CSO of MRANTI, and Mr. Abdul Hakim Sahidi, Managing Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia, in the presence of Dr. Yukihiro Maru, Founder and Group CEO of Leave a Nest, emphasising the importance and commitment of both organisations towards this partnership.

This MoU aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Assisting Japanese companies in exploring soft landing opportunities in Malaysia from 2023 to 2025, facilitating their entry into the Malaysian market and fostering economic growth.
2. Creating job opportunities for local talents through successful collaboration between Japanese companies and MRANTI/Malaysia, promoting skills development and nurturing a dynamic workforce.
3. Establishing new market access for Malaysian companies, enabling them to successfully enter and expand into the Japanese market, providing avenues for growth and international expansion.
4. Leave a Nest's commitment to establishing Leave a Nest university within MRANTI, fostering educational collaboration and promoting knowledge transfer between academia and industry.
5. Forming an investment partnership to identify and support promising ventures, driving innovation and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and ideas identified by MRANTI.
6. Facilitating knowledge and expertise exchange between Leave a Nest and MRANTI, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both organisations to foster technological advancements and innovation.


From Left: Dr Yukihiro Maru (Group CEO of Leave a Nest), Mr. Abdul Hakim Sahidi (Managing Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia), Dzuleira Abu Bakar (CEO of MRANTI) and Mr. Khalid Yashaiya (CSO of MRANTI)

The signing of this MoU solidifies the commitment of Leave a Nest Malaysia and MRANTI to promote collaboration in technology and innovation between Malaysia and Japan. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, both organisations aim to drive economic growth, create employment opportunities, and foster a culture of innovation in both countries. Coinciding with the 50th ASEAN – Japan Friendship and Cooperation Anniversary, this MoU highlights the strong historical ties and enduring partnership between the ASEAN region and Japan, showcasing the shared commitment to regional development, economic progress, and cultural exchange.

Both organisations are confident that this MoU will pave the way for mutually beneficial collaborations, leveraging their combined strengths and expertise to drive technological advancements, promote entrepreneurship, and create a conducive ecosystem for innovation.

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About Leave a Nest Malaysia:

Leave a Nest Malaysia is a leading science and technology company committed to fostering innovation, supporting startups, and nurturing talents in Malaysia and beyond. With a strong focus on science and technology education, Leave a Nest Malaysia provides various programs and initiatives to empower individuals and organisations in driving technological advancements and contributing to society.


MRANTI (Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation) is a prominent research and innovation agency in Malaysia that actively promotes technology development, research collaboration, and innovation-driven growth in the country. By providing funding, resources, and support to researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry players, MRANTI aims to accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough technologies and drive sustainable economic development.