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Grabs the opportunities as your challenge

Grabs the opportunities as your challenge

“ I’m stressed. I’m lost. I hate this!”.


In order to adapt with new environment it needs time. However it is not a hitch

to you as long as you try to face it. Now, I have spent almost three weeks in this company. My

interest is to get involved in  science program especially for kids. I am sure that everyone loves to do it if they love children.

So, I grab this chance to join Ocean Kingdom Program for elementary school which is happening at the end of July. It is a second science kingdom program that will be organised by this company after Science Kingdom on last month. Ocean Kingdom is science workshop event for primary school students. The event will be held in in an elementary school in Tokyo. In this event, our division is in charge of an engineering workshop carried out in English.

Although this is my first time to get involved with this event, I try to make it fun and enjoyable learning experience. So, in our division we will create submarine prototype to match with the theme Ocean Kingdom. In order to make it works we have to prepare some slides and other related things. I am so sure it is going to be difficult for me however, this is the right time for me to use all the skills I have learnt during my study at university. I know without trying, slightly above your capacity, thing will always be the same. So, let’s move forward!