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Keep moving forward towards your target

Keep moving forward towards your target

“You can do it, be strong!”

This is the word my mom always said when she knew her daughter in under stress. Although I never tell her my stress, she still can feel it. Lets bygones be bygones. In our life everyone have their own memorable experience and it is same to me.

Yesterday which is on 30 August 2015, on a rainy day, it was a very wonderful moment for me. A science workshop was held at Robotics Lab and I was being a teaching manager of that workshop. In this workshop the participants were 15, ages from 7 to 11 years, who came from different schools and ages. At the beginning of the workshop, the kids will be given a lecture by me and then they have to create their own submarine using empty soda bottle as their first step to become an inventor. It was a first time for me to be a teaching manager and also to do a workshop in English language in my life. However, I learned a lot from there such as how to manage the time during the workshop, how to make a slide for a workshop and how to get kids interested in science. For the first time involved in what you do, it might be difficult, but it is not a huge problem because if you want to achieve on what you want, you must be willing to face the difficult part.

When I started my internship at Leave a Nest, my goals were I want to learn Japanese culture and also to know how this company encourage younger generation with science and technology and I achieved both of them. Furthermore, I learned a lot during this period such as I learned on how to manage and run a program, I know how much of my knowledge can apply in this internship and I also know more detail about Leave a Nest. So, now, I got what I want in this internship and it was a memorable experience for me. Yes!

As we know, to be a strong person, it is not easy. Although you have a strong body, it is not enough for you to be a strong person. You have to keep your physical, mental and spiritual strong from time to time in order to be truly a strong person. So, be strong and believe in yourself that you can do it.