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3rd Tech Plan Grand Prix was another success

3rd Tech Plan Grand Prix was another success

Tech Plan Grand Prix by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd first took place only 1 year and 6 months ago in 2014. It started small with over 30 teams entries but the 3rd Tech Plan Grand Prix attracted over 125 entries from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan all together.

Out of those entries, only 13 teams were allowed to compete for the final. 4 teams were the finalists and invited teams from Singapore and Taiwan. We were also honored to have finalist team from Malaysia to share their presentation.

The winner for this year's Tech Plan Grand Prix is 4D Sensor Co., Ltd, new business development of high speed inspection equipment using shadow moire camera.

  • JT Award Team Juice Design: remote control using gesture
  • Omron Award 4D Sensor: high speed inspection equipment using shadow moire camera
  • Yoshinoya Award Virtual Sensor: creating virtual taste using specialized utensils with electric pulse (SG team)
  • Euglena Award Comyupa Giken: new way to create energy using pendulum force
  • Unisys Award Quantarion: highly secure multi-purpose authorizing element
  • Rhoto Award Neurospace: Healthcare innovation in sleep using easy to use monitoring system
  • Grage Sumida Award SciOn (Daikumatan): Music x Science, learning “craftmanship” by feel
  • Glocalink Award Trybot: Penguin shaped free moving robot

In 2 weeks time we will have BioScience GP and in 3 weeks, we will have AgriScience GP which will also have overseas teams participation.

In 2016, we are planning to expand our platform to other countries such as India, Indonesia and Thailand.

We can't wait to meet new teams. Who knows, we may see these winners to be on the list of sponsors to nurture entrepreneurs in a future.

All teams joined the event, winner or not are surely making a new history in Japan to show the world that with strong and genuine passion to change the world with business ideas can bring entrepreneurship to people's hand.

Tech Plan Grand Prix is a start, and if you want to take your first step, we are waiting to hear from you anytime.