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Year 2022 New Year Greetings

Year 2022 New Year Greetings

The 21st Century will be the era where “Vision Driven Network” plays a significant role.

This is what I wrote at the beginning of my book, “Science Bridge Communicator changes the way of business” published in 2014.

Leave a Nest Group has a tradition of sharing thoughts by reading the book above and “Built to Last” over the new year holidays. Why we continue this tradition is because the impression we receive from the phrases in these books changes from year to year. However this change may have been more significant this year due to the continuing COVID situation world wide.

Due to the global pandemic, people were forced to adapt. In the process some may have opportunistically created a business which fits the situation. However, others were not, and had to face more difficulty. I have also witnessed situations where the businesses originated from one’s passion, which were supposed to be sustainable, have failed due to the lack of relational assets and long-term perspective.

In last year’s new year resolution, I commented “2021 will be a year of tough journey”. Actually, a year ago many of us felt the strong head wind which made us think twice about what is the important factor in sustaining a strong business. It also gave us a chance to reconfirm the importance of ​​Vision Driven Network Organization. 

In spite of the tough situation, Leave a Nest Group was able to complete the update of “Knowledge-based Platform” as planned. We’ve worked on this issue for two years.

In December 2020, our autobiographical book focusing on our 12 years of the founding era was published in Japanese (Book title “Venture Company that Lasts 144 years”). One of the reasons for writing this book came from the belief that we need to pay respect to the past yet we will no longer continue to look back at the past. Writing the book allowed us to close the chapter of us. Moving on, we launched Leave a Nest University in May 2021. This allows us to update the Science Bridge Communicator®️ program, and start nurturing Global Bridge Leaders. At the same time, we set up  “Group Strategy Meeting” directly under the Group CEO. The meeting was developmentally reorganized to “Group Creation Department” for us to maximize the entire value of the Group.

2022 will be a year of igniting a change. The era for adapting is a thing of the past.

If one wants to bring change into the world, this will not happen by adapting and adjusting to the change. Passionate individuals with vision and mission will create new business by constantly challenging themselves to bring the change of tides. When these passionate individuals connect and link, the organization becomes solid and becomes Vision Driven.


2022 is the year of the tiger. 

We set our theme as to achieve “大人虎変” from one of the Chinese five classics “Yi Jing”. Meaning of this is that even the person with wisdom will continue to make changes day by day. We will think as if every day is the first day of the new company. Don’t be comfortable in the path you have created over the years. Challenge yourself and the norm which has been created for the good of the company. Remember to update the norm which was laid in the past to pursue greatness and to design a new norm.

For the past 20 years, each Leave a Nest member keeps developing various projects to solve global issues. As a result, over 200 projects are created every year, and more than 20 group companies  sustainably run them as business. 

Building up Hyper Interdisciplinary teams beyond any framework has made us create new knowledge and business. We express our sincere gratitude to the fact we were able to continue our activities for these 20 years. In return, we will bring the 20th anniversary 20 projects coming your way.

In 2022, we will keep developing, creating and designing. A new era of “Knowledge Manufacturing Process Technology” will be developed with the vision of “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”.


26th Jan. 2022

Founder & CEO  Leave a Nest Group
Dr. Yukihiro Maru