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Nurturing Future Drone Engineer Through Drone Educosystem: Drone Workshop Series!

Nurturing Future Drone Engineer Through Drone Educosystem: Drone Workshop Series!

 From 19th March until 20th March 2022, Leave a Nest Malaysia and My Conceptual Robotics sdn bhd.(MyCRO) had organised a Drone Workshop called Drone Educosystem: Drone Workshop series via Zoom online Platform. The objectives of this workshop are to nurture students with fundamental knowledge about drones and build their technopreneur mindset. This workshop also exposes the students with the potential career paths in the drone industry. A total of 30 students ranging from 14 to 16 years old from various schools in Selangor, Malacca, Penang and Sarawak participated in this workshop.

The overall mission of this workshop is ‘To build your knowledge and skills on drones’. During the first day of the workshops, students learn about the history of drones, types of drones and the application of drones in the industry Another exciting content was the students had the opportunity to watch real live drones flying by the professionals which was live streamed from a local drone competition happening on the day. Last but not least, , students were also  learn to design their own drone cover and the future career opportunities in drone industry

Mr. Basril from MyCRO teach the student on how to create their own Drone Cover using ThinkerCad

On the second day of the workshop, students learnt about the scientific concept on how drones are flying and experienced assembling the drone parts  as well as flying the drone by themselves. By understanding the scientific concept of the drone,students can understand how the drone works and give an idea for them to customise and innovate their own drone in the future. Before flying their drones, students were given knowledge on the safety and precautions of handling the drone. This to avoid any unwanted incident to happen and ensure the students will handle their drones safely. Students who have already completed the Drone Workshop, they will receive aspecial Drones Jr Engineer Badge that will be sent to them after the program. 

[Left Picture] Mr. Amirul from MyCRO Show drone flying simulation to the students.
[Right Picture] Mr. Basril guiding the students on assembling their drones.

The workshop had been successfully delivered and based on the feedback given by the students,  all students were  able to appreciate all the knowledge that has been provided to them through this workshop. We hope that the students can continue their excitement of learning and discover more interesting knowledge about Drone after this.

Students complete their drone Assembling 

As for Leave a Nest and MyCRO, we will continue to educate students with  cutting-edge technology based education and encourage the young generations to be interested in Science and Technology. Therefore, as a continuation of the workshop, Leave a Nest and MyCRO are planning to organise a Drone competition in October. The details of the competition will be announced soon.

For schools or corporations that  are interested in conducting this drone workshop or would like us to customized program at your institutions, please contact us.

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