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Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Indonesia 2023: Going strong with the 2nd HIC Indonesia

Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Indonesia 2023: Going strong with the 2nd HIC Indonesia

Depok City, Indonesia – Leave a Nest Malaysia proudly announces the successful organization of the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference (HIC) in Indonesia 2023, hosted at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (18/11). This event, the 2nd HIC Indonesia, brought together 135 attendees, including 30 poster presenters, 13 tech splash presenters, 9 research splash presenters, 1 keynote speaker, 9 panelists, and featured 10 exhibition booths. HIC serves as a vital platform, fostering collaboration and exploring innovative solutions by uniting experts from various fields in Japan and Indonesia.

Attendees Register using digital registration system at HIC Indonesia 2023

The organizers express their gratitude for the strategic partnership with the University of Indonesia (UI) and the main partnership with Real Tech Holdings Singapore. Local social business organization, Dompet Dhuafa and MiCAN Technologies, joined as community and event partners, respectively.

Dr. Hadi Akbar gave his welcoming remarks.

Dr. Hadi Akbar Dahlan, the project leader, opened the conference by emphasizing the significance of the theme, “Transforming Healthcare Horizons in Indonesia.” Dr. Hadi highlighted the need for collaboration not only among researchers but also between industry and academia, aligning with HIC Indonesia 2023's purpose as a hub for new knowledge creation.

Welcoming remarks were also delivered by Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia. Prof. Heri emphasized on the synergy between the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference and the construction of a new building dedicated to interdisciplinary engineering education. He pointed out the importance of entrepreneurship education for the nation's future, acknowledging the efforts of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit led by Dr.Sahlan in cultivating entrepreneurs, particularly in the healthcare sector. He ended his speech by hoping that this conference will be a new beginning for collaboration for all stakeholders.

The session then continues with a keynote speech by Dr. Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf focusing on two topics: the Transformation of referral services and the Transformation of health technology. He shaded light on the Indonesia National Health Transformation. He discussed the transformation of referral services and health technology, unveiling Indonesia's roadmap to self-produce vaccines, medicines, and medical equipment from 2022 to 2025.

Dr. Prasandhya presenting his Keynote Speech.

The first panel discussion features Mr. Kazuo Miyazaki (CEO of MiCAN Technologies) and three esteemed panellists. Mr. Kazuo Miyazaki presentation’s title is “Development of a test kit to predict the severity of dengue fever using stem cell technology”.

Mr. Kazuo Miyazaki from MiCAN Technologies gives his Opening presentation for Panel Discussion 1.

The 3 panellists are Dr. Siti Fauziyah Rahman (Director for Biomedical Engineering Research Center, Universitas Indonesia), Dr. Hasballah Zakaria (Lecturer of Biomedical Engineering from School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB)) and Prof. Dr. Bachti Alisjahbana (Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD)).

This panel discussion, led by Dr. Tanami Shuhei as moderator, addressed crucial components for improving lives in Indonesia, including health awareness, accessibility of health-monitoring devices, and interdisciplinary research. Early detection, facilitated by accessible devices, emerged as a potential game-changer in healthcare.

Panellist and moderator of Panel Discussion 1 having discussion on healthtech. From left to right: Dr. Tanami Shuhei, Dr. Hasballah Zakaria, Prof. Dr. Bachti Alisjahbana and Dr. Siti Fauziyah.

The Research Splash Session showcased the breakthroughs of 9 selected poster presenters out of 40 posters submitted, providing a platform for interactive discussions. Each presenter had three minutes to present the breakthroughs of their research in front of the audience. This session provided a platform for researchers to showcase their innovative ideas and research findings related to the healthcare field.

After the presentation, the poster session commenced in the ground floor area, where attendees had the opportunity to interact more actively with the presenters and discuss their research in greater detail. This session allowed for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among researchers and attendees, promoting collaboration and advancing the field that contributes toward improving healthcare in Indonesia.

Conference participants visited one of the Japanese Startup Booth; Culta Inc.

Dr. Hasballah Zakaria visiting one of the Japanese Startup Booth; Wizray Co., Ltd.

Dr. Yukihiro Maru tasting the coffee from Walungan Group.

Parallel to the poster session, Real Tech Holdings (RTHD) Singapore also organised a startup clinic. The attending RTHD representative, Ms. Shoko Suzuki met with 6 local startups to have a short discussion. The format of the discussion is: 5-minute presentation by the local startups followed by 10-minute discussion. The following Indonesian startup met with Ms. Shoko Suzuki during this session: Karla Bionics, PT Intala, eHealth.co, ATM Sehat, Dandos skin and ReservoAir.

Moderator and Panellist of Panel discussion 2 having a discussion regarding Food issues. From left to right: Mr. Haryo Mojopahit, Mr. Andi Nusa Patria, Dr. Malikul Ikram and Dr. Suzianti Iskandar Vijaya.

Panel Session 2, led by Dr. Suzianti Iskandar Vijaya featuring Mr. Haryo Mojopahit (General Manager Communication and Strategic Alliance) from Dompet Dhuafa, Mr. Andi Nusa Patria (Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer) from JALA Tech, and Dr. Malikul Ikram (Director of R&D) from PT Biops Agrotekno.

The key points from this session are exploring challenges in producing high-quality and sustainable protein sources from aquaculture farming and fresh agricultural products. In both the aquaculture and agriculture landscape, not only technology adoption is important, but a sustainable system is needed to facilitate both upstream and downstream development, and making the value chain more sustainable, transparent, efficient, and fair, thus benefiting the communities as well.

Although Indonesia is geographically abundant with good natural resources, there is an alarming issue with stunting in children. Therefore, the stunting problem in children is not only caused by limited access to nutritious food, usually due to poverty, but also their eating habits. More efforts are needed to increase the awareness for children to eat healthy food and not relying on less nutritious food, especially fast food. All panelists hope to initiate cross-border collaboration and work on this pressing issue in Indonesia.

Tech Splash Session, as a counterpart to the Research Splash session, featured 13 startups, presenting innovative solutions in healthcare. The lineup of presenters include PtBio Inc., CULTA Inc., Endo-phyte Inc., Wizray Co., Ltd., FiberCraze Corporation, HYDRONEXT, Solafune, Inc., Karla Bionics, PT Intala Insan Cendekia, PT. BIOPS Agrotekno, ReservoAir, PT. Telehealth Indonesia and MYCL.

A unique session moderated by Dr. Enrico Gianino in Panel Discussion 3. From left to right: Dr. Keiichi Mochida, Dr. Nur Akmalia, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aziz, and Dr. Enrico Gianino.

The concluding session, sponsored by Euglena Co., Ltd., began with an opening presentation by Dr. Kengo Suzuki, their Chief Technology Officer. This panel session, moderated by Dr. Enrico Gianino from Euglena Co., Ltd., the panellists introduced the SATREP project and engaged esteemed panellists from the RIKEN Institute, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), and the University of Tokyo in discussions about its potential impact on the Indonesian community.

Leave a Nest Malaysia expresses their heartfelt gratitude to the partners, speakers, panellists, researchers, students, and volunteers for their contributions to the success of the 2nd HIC in Indonesia 2023. Anticipating that this event sparks new ideas, collaborations, and innovations across government bodies, private sectors, universities, startups, and researchers, fostering economic growth, academic advancement, and the application of technology for societal benefit, we look forward to the next event in Indonesia – Terima Kasih dan Jumpa Lagi!

For more information about HIC in Indonesia, please visit https://hiconf.lne.st/conference/hicidn2023/ or contact Dr. Hadi Akbar Dahlan at [email protected]