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2022 Tsunagu Research Project Concludes with Feedback Session

2022 Tsunagu Research Project Concludes with Feedback Session

The 2022 Tsunagu Research Project recently adjourned with a feedback session last 30th January 2023. The session was attended by students, teachers, and mentors from the four countries, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. The 2022 season is the third installment of Tsunagu Research Project where Leave a Nest Philippines became this year’s host country for the project 

The Tsunagu Research Project is an innovative initiative aimed as a platform for sharing experiences, working together, and discussing ideas to develop a global perspective and nurture research collaboration among students towards issues in the world.  The main theme for 2022 is the environment with energy, waste and water becoming the research topics. The host country was the Philippines. In total, 77 students from four countries, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Japan were divided into groups according to their interest research topics to collaboratively work on projects. 

The feedback session was successfully conducted online via zoom meeting platform. The session began with an introduction from the host, followed by a brief overview of the 2022 project. The session was followed by a video message from Mr. Janbern Lope A. Barel, Corporate Social Responsibility Program Lead of First Gen Corporation. He praised the students' passion for science in the Tsunagu Research Project and expressed how it was inspiring. Mr. Barel encouraged the students to embrace science and take risks, exploring new ideas and solutions. He emphasized that First Gen Corporation is fully committed and ready to collaborate in this exciting journey.

Message from First Gen Corporation representative, Mr. Janbern Lope A. Barel.

The event continued with a message from Mr. Ludhovik Luiz B. Madrid, a mentor from Leave a Nest. In his message, he encouraged the students to use their research project experience to drive progress in science and technology for global well-being. The session then transitioned into a feedback session where all attendees were given the opportunity to share their evaluations and experiences of the 2022 Tsunagu Research Project.

During the feedback session, all student groups had the chance to share their experiences and provide feedback on the project's progress and direction. Despite challenges, many attendees expressed their support for the project. The mentors also expressed their excitement and encouraged the students to never give up on scientific research, preparing themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills for future pursuits.

Messages from 2022 Tsunagu Research Project’s team representatives. Top (from left to right): Dalton Tokyo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School team (JP), Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra team (MY)  and Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus team (PH); Middle (from left to right): Philippine Science High School – Cordillera Administrative Region Campus team (PH) and University of the Philippines High School in Iloilo team (PH);  Bottom (from left to right): Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus team (PH), Clementi Town Secondary School (SG) and Claret School of Zamboanga team (PH).

Messages from 2022 Tsunagu Research Project’s research mentors. Top (from left to right): Dr. Fatimah Riyadi and Dr. Zainun Mustafa. Bottom (from left to right): Ms. Alyssa Gimenez and Mr. Muhamad Basril Muhamad Asri. 

Finally, Mr. Bryan Angelo Foronda, the Project Leader of the 2022 Tsunagu Research Project, shared his overall thoughts and vision. He also extended an invitation for everyone to participate in the 2023 Tsunagu Research Project, which will focus on natural resources and the topic of securing water and food. Leave a Nest Singapore will serve as the host for the 2023 Tsunagu Research Project.

The Tsunagu Research team expresses gratitude to those who participated in the feedback session and made it a success. We eagerly look forward to furthering their efforts to make a positive impact globally.

Group photo from the participants of the 2022 Tsunagu Feedback Session.

We are now open to applications for companies and schools that are interested in joining the 2023 Tsunagu Research Project. For more information on the program, please visit our website at https://tsunagu.lne.st/ or you can drop us an email at [email protected] with attention to:

  • JP: Dr. Satomi Maeda 
  • PH: Dr. Yev Dulla or Mr. Bryan Angelo Foronda
  • MY: Mr. Nur Ahmad Zaim Hussin or Dr. Ezral Ghazali
  • SG: Dr. Kihoko Tokue or Mr. Mark Chiam