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Registration for TECH PLANTER in Vietnam is still Open!

Registration for TECH PLANTER in Vietnam is still Open!

TECH PLANTER in Vietnam 2023 is currently accepting applications from researchers and startups in Vietnam. TECH PLANTER is an issue-based program organized by the Leave a Nest Group that accelerates the development and realization of deep technologies to solve deep issues in society. This program focuses on deep technology and accepts every stage of technology whether incorporated or not. The program has been running in Japan for more or less 10 years and we have been implementing it in Vietnam since 2018, making this year the 6th TECH PLANTER in Vietnam.

The TECH PLANTER program is open to early-stage startups, pre-startup researchers, teams, and individuals in the Deep Tech field. The categories of TECH we cover include agri-tech, bio-tech, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and more. We believe that your innovative ideas and expertise would make a significant contribution to this program.

We also welcome mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment. We are looking for visionaries who aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on science and tech-based seeds. If you are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations, this program is the perfect opportunity for you.

Deadline of application is on May 5, 2023. Nine (9) finalists and six (6) lightning talk teams will be selected for the TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023 on July 8, 2023. Company awards will be given during the Demo Day. The Grand Winner and Leave a Nest Awardee for the TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023 will compete again in the TECH PLANTER Asia Final 2023 in Malaysia on August 26, 2023! 


Deadline of Applications: May 5, 2023
TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam: July 8, 2023

If you are interested, you can apply through the link below:

Application form: https://global.lne.st/tpasean2023app

(Kindly make a “Leave a Nest ID” first to access the form) 


For easy navigation in filling up the form, you can use the link below:



For more information, please contact Alexander Gali ([email protected]) or Ronrick Arayata ([email protected])