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Ki Ni Naru 2024: A More Holistic Approach to Honing the Next Generation of Filipino Researchers

Ki Ni Naru 2024: A More Holistic Approach to Honing the Next Generation of Filipino Researchers

In Leave a Nest, research is part and parcel of its culture. As researchers aiming for the perpetual advancement of Science and Technology for global happiness, it continuously creates programs that champion its mission. 

With this in mind, Leave a Nest Philippines initiated the Ki Ni Naru Project to hone young researchers which was first implemented last 2022. Ki Ni Naru (気になる) in Japanese means “to be curious” or “to want to know”. The Project under its Education Development Division is an initiative to allow students who do not have any research experience to be trained intensely with the basics of scientific research.

Typically, research is something students consider to be a very daunting task. With its reputation that is typically associated with the intelligent and experienced, many students are discouraged or have a miscontruded mindset; that if they are not the smartest or not interested in science, research is far-fetched. But honestly, research is actually very simple, all you need to have is “CURIOSITY”. Curiosity is the driving force of research and passion is what makes it bloom. Whatever age or field you are in, research can be conducted as long as you are curious. Leave a Nest Philippines, wants to be able to create a more holistic approach when it comes to introducing research to the Filipino Youth through the Ki Ni Naru Project. The Ki Ni Naru Project is a 2-3 month long program that lets the participants undergo a comprehensive learning experience, accompanied by modules, mentorship, and a final presentation of their completed research projects.  

This January 20, 2024, Leave a Nest Philippines will be conducting its first fact-to-face implementation of Ki Ni Naru. This time,  we have a total of six (6) participating schools, namely:

– Orani National High School – Main

– Mariveles National High School – Poblacion

– Mariveles National High School – Cabcaben

– Pagalanggang National High School

– D Carmelite School of Taguig Inc.

– Spark Academy of Global City Inc.

Each school is represented by one group with five (5) members each. The Kick-off and Opening Ceremony will be at the QBO Innovation Hub headquarters in Makati City, Philippines. QBO is our major sponsor in Ki Ni Naru 2024, and Leave a Nest is grateful to partner with them not just in empowering startups but in initiatives like this in nurturing the next generation. The Kick-off and Opening Ceremony will be very eventful as we have a keynote presentation of our Guest Speaker, Dr. Roberto Figueroa Jr. 

Dr. Roberto Figueroa Jr.

Dr. Figueroa is an associate professor at the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, University of the Philippines – Open University.  He also has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. He currently serves as the director of a research program on immersive open pedagogies, and is also one of the deputy directors of the Center for Open and Digital Teaching and Learning. His research interests include immersive learning and ICT for Education.

A science workshop is also prepared for the students to partake in. This aims to have them experience a crash course with the scientific method through an experiment with the concept of viscosity. The opening ceremony and kick-off seeks to inspire and set the mood for the students to look forward to the next 2 to 3 months of the program and planting the seeds of that “curiosity mindset”.

The Ki Ni Naru Project is not just a program, but a way for Leave a Nest Philippines to jumpstart a new culture of research to stir the paradigm within the education community. With steps like these, we aim to inspire the next generation of researchers and make a holistic environment for them to pursue a future in Science and Technology. 

For more information about Ki Ni Naru and other Leave a Nest Philippines Programs, you may contact Bill Joseph Mercado ([email protected]) and Hannah Mae Balisi ([email protected]).