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Japanese Tech Focus Systems Corporation Launches Groundbreaking Immersion Program in the Philippines to Cultivate Local Talent

Japanese Tech Focus Systems Corporation Launches Groundbreaking Immersion Program in the Philippines to Cultivate Local Talent

[Manila, Philippines, 03-15-2024] – In a landmark initiative aimed at strengthening various sectors in the Philippines through convergence of multiple disciplines through technology, Focus Systems Corporation, a global technology conglomerate in Tokyo, Japan, has announced the commencement of its Immersion Program in the Philippines. This strategic move underscores the company's commitment to fostering local talent and supporting the Philippines' journey towards creating solutions for local issues with the convergence of  interdisciplinary fields through technology.

The Immersion Program offers seven (7) months of an unparalleled opportunity for Filipinos to gain hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge on how Technology can be instrumental in solving prevalent societal issues present through Technology-related programs. The program shall be implemented on a hybrid set-up. 

In line with this, Focus Systems Corporation in partnership with Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc. are inviting undergraduate and graduate students from various programs and disciplines across Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The program is set to launch on March 15, 2024, with applications now open to aspiring applicants. 

Application requirements Registration QR or application link
1. Open to all 3rd/4th year college students or a graduate from different programs

Application Link

2. Interested in Information Technology and synergizing it with other disciplines.
2. Interested in Japanese culture. 

*Being able to speak in Japanese is not required but a plus.

3. A  two-minute video (speak clearly, or add english and/or japanese subtitles) containing the following:

  • Self-Introduction (Name, Education Background)
  • Interests
  • Hard and Soft Skills
  • Why do you want to join the Program?
  • What do you want to do with Focus Systems?

Deadline of Application: March 22, 2024


For more information, Kindly contact Mr. Bill Mercado ([email protected]) or Ms. Ronezza Delos Santos ([email protected])

About Focus Systems’ Immersion-Training Program

Program Highlights:

Comprehensive Immersion: Chosen participants will be exposed to a wide range of experiences, including but not limited to, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Social Programs, and Business Creation. 

Social Engagement: The program features collaborations with Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc., providing participants with experiences through various programs that intersect various members of the Social Sectors such as Science, Technology, Education, Research, and Business.

Cultural Exchange: Emphasizing the unique partnership, the program incorporates elements of Japanese work culture and business ethics, aiming to build a bridge between Filipino talents and international standards.

Focus Systems Corporation’s Immersion Program represents our investment in the future of the Philippines as a key player in the global landscape.

The initiative also aligns with the Philippine government's ambition to accelerate digital transformation and promote inclusive growth. By tapping into the rich pool of talent in the Philippines, Focus Systems not only aims to enhance the local workforce but also to foster innovation that transcends society and promotes genuine social impact.

About Focus Systems Corporation:

Focus Systems Corporation is a renowned leader in the global technology industry based in Japan, with a rich history of innovation and excellence since 1977. The company is dedicated to leveraging technology to create sustainable solutions for societal challenges. This belief is expressed in their corporate slogan “Put Our Heart into Technologies.” At Focus Systems, they have continued to take firm steps based on the three pillars of system integration, IT service, and information security. (https://www.focus-s.com/focus-s/en/)

About Leave a Nest:

Leave a Nest is a group of researchers. It was founded by 15 graduate students in the field of science and engineering in 2001 and continues to this day. Each and every one of us sets forth our own Questions and works together with various researchers and companies that support the Passion to achieve Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness. (https://global.lne.st/)