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Five Deep Tech Japanese Startups exhibiting in SWITCH 2023!

Five Deep Tech Japanese Startups exhibiting in SWITCH 2023!

Leave a Nest Group is exhibiting at SWITCH 2023 at Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology. This booth exhibition aligns with Leave a Nest’s partnership with Enterprise Singapore’s GIA Tokyo Acceleration program, and AMEICC’s programme to support Japanese startups entering the Singapore Market.

This time, 10 startups from Japan will be visiting Singapore and 5 of them, selected from the aforementioned programmes, will be exhibiting in the Leave a Nest booth at the SWITCH venue. With Leave a Nest communicators, all the 5 startups will be exhibiting at our booth from Oct 31st to Nov 2nd, 2023.

Please come visit our booth (M23 – Level 5 of SWITCH) to touch Japanese technologies!

In addition to this, there will be a pitching event at One North on 2nd Nov. where you will be able to hear and interact with all 10 startups that are visiting Singapore at the moment. If you would like to learn more about their technologies, please visit our event on 2nd Nov. as well. 

Overview of the event

  • Date: 2nd November
  • Time: 09:30-12:00
  • Venue: BLOCK71 Singapore NUS Enterprise (71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-01, Singapore 139951)

Registration: Please register from here!


Five exhibiting startups at a glance

ANSeeN Inc.

(Non-destructive inspection) Develops ultra-high resolution X-ray image sensors and X-ray colour cameras. The company's sensors can distinguish the wavelength of X-rays, making it possible to identify materials. Unlike the simple pseudo-colors used in conventional X-ray inspection at airports, these sensors can express physical differences such as the difference between food and explosives. This enables visualisation of metal casting parts of automobiles, railways, etc., which were difficult to visualise in the past.

Hylable Inc.

(Education/IT) Analyses discussions quantitatively with our two core patented technologies, “Auditory Scene Analysis” and “Discussion Analysis,” by focusing on who, when, and how much they talked. By utilising the technologies, they have developed a cloud service that analyses both offline and online discussions. The service has been used in various areas, mainly in schools and employee training.

Innoqua Inc.

(Sustainability) The “environmental transfer technology” that the members at Innoqua are researching and developing, is a unique technological concept that reproduces nature’s marine environment in an aquarium. Using an AI/IoT device developed by Innoqua, a wide range of parameters such as water quality (dissolved concentration of more than 30 trace elements), water temperature, water flow, lighting environment, and relationships among organisms including microorganisms are controlled to model in order to reproduce an arbitrary aquatic environment in an aquarium.

MiraiKikai, Inc.

(Construction) A world pioneer in the research and development of solar panel cleaning robots, and was the first in the world to commercialise an autonomous, handheld solar panel cleaning robot, introduced in the Middle East. Recently MiraiKikai has developed an automated marker robot for the construction field. This will be their entry model to the construction vertical.

Closer, Inc.

(Picking/Packaging Robotics) Closer is a Japanese startup which specialises in robotics which offers easy-to-use, robot service solutions to food manufacturers. Their focus is to empower factories that are short-staffed with highly versatile service for picking and packaging needs.

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