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10 JETRO Yokohama Startups to be showcased in Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Singapore

10 JETRO Yokohama Startups to be showcased in Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Singapore

Technology has always been intertwined with business and the greatest way to spread technology to society is through integrating it into the interaction points of the average citizen’s lives, namely by the stores that they visit.

This year, 10 startups, affiliated with JETRO Yokohama, with innovative and cutting edge technologies will be showcased in a special pitch session to propel them forward and spread their technology to the citizens. These startups are: 


Founded Kaman Inc. in November 2020, dedicated to fostering a regionally circular economy. Currently spearheading the launch of Megloo, a community-oriented shared reuse container service aiming to reduce disposable takeout containers. This initiative was selected as the first domestic project in Japan by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), focused on eliminating discarded plastics globally.


Innovare is a Japanese startup company that aims to realize a carbon-neutral and circular economy in Thailand and ASEAN countries by utilizing new biomass materials called natural rubber seeds. Innovare make biodiesel fuel, glycerin, and other valuable products by patented biorefinery process, and generate social impacts globally and locally.


We can mold mixed plastic waste into beautiful artifacts with our patented technology. Using this technology, we build the social business that makes an ecosystem commercializing marine plastic waste. Now, we work with over 20 volunteer groups in Japan and are expanding our business outside.


Use Japanese “Omotenashi” technology can solve the global trend of increasing tourism, Navigation to satisfy & eco mobility for new local cultures.It has change the tourists losing time and, furthermore, overlooking the surrounding scenery in the new location.

Zip Infrastructure

Aiming to realize “a world without traffic jams and within a 5-minute walk from any station,” we are developing Zippar, an urban self-propelled ropeway that is low-cost, highly punctual, and capable of free routing, including curves. A commercial model is currently under development in Fukushima Prefecture.

Code Meee

CODE Meee Inc. is a fragrance startup company in Japan. It has the mission of “creating an exciting world with fragrance and IT,” and provides individuals and companies with optimal fragrances based on data. Main business is space design business with functional fragrances to suit corporate purposes and scenes.

Seaside Robotics

Seaside Robotics is dedicated to conserving coastal environments, using robots to gently clean beaches and other shorelines. Our approach prioritizes the protection of natural habitats and wildlife,tackling plastic pollution with minimal disruption. This innovation reduces the need for manual labor in these delicate ecosystems.


Our miibio is a biotech-startup from the University of Tokyo that contributes to a carbon-neutral society. We have original "photo-switchable protein technology" that controls the metabolic pathways of microorganisms with using light and provides solutions for scaling up bio-productions.


Founded in 2020, ARK Inc. is a startup based in Shonan, Kanagawa, with research and manufacturing facilities. The company's global presence extends to London. Specializing in compact, decentralized closed-recirculating land-based aquaculture systems, ARK's mission is the decentralization of aquaculture. Our product, also named ARK, is widely used across Japan. 



PLANTX integrates manufacturing technologies for an innovative food supply system utilizing plant factories with artificial light. We've achieved a breakthrough with the world's first “closed” cultivation machine and plant growth control software. These systems enhance food production efficiency, stability, versatility, and facilitate research on cultivating high-value plants with specific beneficial ingredients. Our goal is to establish a sustainable food supply system, introducing a new paradigm in global food and agriculture.

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