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Partners Announcement for EmpowerHER Workshops at the Women in STEM Empowerment (WiSE) 2024 Program

Partners Announcement for EmpowerHER Workshops at the Women in STEM Empowerment (WiSE) 2024 Program

With just two weeks remaining until the inauguration of the WiSE 2024 program, we are thrilled to announce our esteemed partners in the parallel EmpowerHER Workshops, each offering diverse tracks tailored to empower women across various disciplines. These workshops are meticulously designed to provide interactive sessions, expert panels, and hands-on activities, all aimed at equipping women with practical tools and strategies for success. Participants can look forward to engaging with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts who will generously share their experiences and insights.

WiSE 2024 event details:

  • Date: 28th May 2024
  • Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Venue: IMU University, Persiaran Bukit Jalil

Details about partners in each workshop are as follows:

Track 1: Women In STEM
Partners: Pusat Sains Negara (https://www.psn.gov.my/)

                    Academy of Sciences Malaysia (https://www.akademisains.gov.my/)   
Target Participants: School students from 10 to 15 years old
Workshop Content: Build your own solar car
*Registration link: https://global.lne.st/PSNRegistration|
Additional info: Pusat Sains Negara will bring their Trooperz on the Move, a mobile bus equipped with 14-STEM themed exhibition materials. Academy of Sciences Malaysia fellows and the L’oreal Women in Sciences recipients will also be there at the event.

Track 2: Career Development
Partners: APU DIGITGAL: Driving Girls in Technology, Growth & Leadership (https://www.apu.edu.my/)
Target Participants: Youth, graduates, and students
Workshop Content: Career and leadership
*Registration link: https://global.lne.st/WiSERegister

Track 3: Beauty and Health
Partners: Anaquin (https://anaquin.com.my/)
Target Participants: Youth, graduates, students, and general attendees
Workshop Content: DIY mask project and awareness on natural product-based skincare
*Registration link: https://global.lne.st/WiSERegister

Track 4: Entrepreneurship
Partners: National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) (nawem.org.my)
Target Participants: Youth, graduates, students, and entrepreneurs
Workshop Content: Business and entrepreneurship
*Registration link: https://global.lne.st/WiSERegister

*Please note that seats are limited to 30 participants for each workshops, so register early to secure your spot!

The EmpowerHER workshops are open to women of all backgrounds, including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, WiSE and its partners aim to foster a community where women feel empowered to pursue their ambitions and effect positive change in their career.

For more information about the EmpowerHER workshops and to register for WiSE, visit https://global.lne.st/wise/ 

About WiSE:
WiSE is a pioneering event dedicated to empowering women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields organized by Leave a Nest. Through a combination of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, WiSE aims to inspire and support women at all stages of their STEM careers.