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Calling startup participants for Takanawa Gateway and Eco-Tech Immersion Program (Sept 13 – 14th 2024)

Calling startup participants for Takanawa Gateway and Eco-Tech Immersion Program (Sept 13 – 14th 2024)

Leave a Nest will be hosting a two day immersion program on Sept 13th-14th 2024 for startups from Singapore or Malaysia to expand their market opportunities in Japan. 

The first day is a tour of Takanawa Gateway City hosted by Japan Railway East (JRE) allowing participants to have a sneak preview of the TAKANAWA GATEWAY incubation city.
→Homepage for Takanawa Gateway City  https://www.takanawagateway-city.com/en/

The second day, participants will join the TECHPLANTER ECO-TECH demo day and have the opportunity to connect with nine Japanese corporate partners during the networking session.
→See the corporate partners from ECO-TECH PLANTER 2023 https://techplanter.com/ecotech/2023/

Register here (spots will be limited to 10 startups)
The event is free for all to attend. However there will be no reimbursement for accommodation or travel fee.



Japan Railway East (JRE) is building a startup ecosystem “TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY”, due to open late March 2025. The city is transformed to an experimental field for startups to test their ideas in the city of Takanawa Gateway, aiming to support the creation of new solutions focusing on environment, mobility, and healthcare. The site is thought to welcome 100,000 visitors daily, making it Japan's largest experimental site for social implementation.

The “TAKANAWA GATEWAY Link Scholars’ Hub” Lab is a lab dedicated for research and development in the “environmental life sciences” field, kickstarting support for the long-term research and development of deep tech areas that require time until social implementation. Along with reducing the initial investment fee, the demonstrations in the city and co-creation with various companies, universities, and governments aims to accelerate the global startups’ expansion into Japan.

The event on September 13th 2024 will showcase the space at Takanawa Gateway City and provide networking opportunities with Japanese corporations ranging from food tech, IT, manufacturing, chemicals etc that are interested in collaborating with overseas startups. There will be an opportunity for the startups to pitch towards these companies.

【Event Details】

Time: September 13th 2024 Afternoon
Location: Takanawa Gateway City Station, Tokyo, Japan



TECH PLANTER is Asia's largest  deep tech seed acceleration program. Currently, the TECH PLANTER program is being developed not only in Japan but also in ASEAN 6 countries, with over 1600 applicants from six ASEAN countries and 2200 applicantes from Japan since its inception in 2014. The Techplanter in Japan showcases 7 different regions of: deep tech, ecotech, marine tech, agritech, food tech, biotech, lifetech.

During Ecotech demo day on September 14th 2014, you will have the opportunity to network with the Japanese corporate partners, all of who are interested in innovating with startups.

Web page for Eco-tech planter 2024 https://techplanter.com/ecotech/2024/
Web page for Eco-tech planter 2023 https://techplanter.com/ecotech/2023/


【Event Details】

Time: September 14th 2024 13:00-19:00
Location: Centre of Garage, 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003

Time Content
12:30-13:00 Doors Open
13:00-13:30 Opening Remarks
13:30-17:00 Presentation Round 

13:30-14:30 Round 1 (4 startups)

14:40-15:40 Round 2 (4 startups)

15:50-16:50 Round 3 (4 startups)

17:00-18:00 Judging Time
18:00-19:00 Announcement of Judging Results and Award Ceremony


Register here and Leave a Nest looks forward to accelerating your entry to Japan together!