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Hello!! Meet Ilia Anisa, a new member of Leave a Nest Malaysia

Hello!! Meet Ilia Anisa, a new member of Leave a Nest Malaysia


Nor Ilia Anisa holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering with a specialization in the extraction of active compounds from natural plants using an environmentally friendly technology – compressed hot water. She brings a wealth of experience from both the industry and education sectors prior to her tenure at Leave a Nest.

Upon her graduation in 2016, she embarked on a career as a research officer at the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, UTM-KL. In this role, she effectively managed various projects, overseeing budgetary matters, procurement using grant funds, and documentation required for program accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC).

Following two productive years at MJIIT, UTM-KL, she transitioned to the industry, taking up a position at Didaktik Engineering Werks Sdn. Bhd (DEWSB) as a project manager. In this capacity, her responsibilities encompassed reviewing and approving design and technical drawing releases, optimizing the application of both existing and emerging technologies, and ensuring the successful delivery of projects. During her tenure at DEWSB, she also participated in an engineering competency development (ECD) scheme offered by the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), ultimately earning professional engineering status, P.Eng.

As part of her diverse career journey, she ventured into academia at Taylor's University, a prominent private university in Malaysia. In this role, she played a crucial role in educating and mentoring chemical engineering students. Notably, she actively volunteers and engages with programs conducted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aimed at fostering awareness among young Malaysians in the fields of science and technology, particularly within the engineering profession.

Drawing from her experiences in both the industrial and educational realms, as well as her commitment to volunteer work, she keenly recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between academia, especially young researchers, and the industrial sector. To her, the most significant solution to addressing these issues lies in creating a bridge to reduce the knowledge divide between industry and institutions, thereby enhancing the interest of young Malaysian students in the fields of science and technology and unlocking their skills.