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[Panelist Introduction] CDF PH 2024: The Pandemic’s Impact Towards Industry Practice and Work Culture

[Panelist Introduction] CDF PH 2024: The Pandemic’s Impact Towards Industry Practice and Work Culture

Career Discovery Forum in the Philippines 2024 is just around the corner excited to give students their best shot at having a career worth pursuing. The panel discussion will examine the angles encompassing the pandemic's impact towards industry practices and work culture. It particularly focuses on the significant changes in Human Resource pre and post talent acquisition in the Philippines, addressing the challenges of technology integration in hiring, the adoption of hybrid work models in the local context, and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in Filipino organizations. Similarly, it will include how businesses are able to adapt to these sudden changes and how they were able to improve even the growth of their current workforce, highlighting the increased need for adaptability, digital skills, and a balance between mental health and work-life in the Filipino workplace. With this, the team behind the event is elated to introduce you to their esteemed speakers. 


Mr. Richard Milante, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Legazpi Eye Center

He has seven years of expertise in the fields of operations management, healthcare service delivery, and real estate development. He received his master's degree in business administration with a focus on health sector management from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina in 2022. Richard presently holds the positions of Strategy and Investments Lead at Two Tigers Holding Corporation, his family holding company with interests in healthcare, real estate, and impact investing. Similarly, he is the current Chief Operating Officer at Legazpi Eye Center, the biggest and most complete eye care provider in the Bicol Region. Managing over its 70 employees, he is involved in the daily operations of two ambulatory surgical clinics and plans, executing business development efforts.

Mr. Peter Cauton
Chief Operating Officer
Humanae Ventures

He embarked on his professional journey by teaching high school English and later delving into corporate Human Resources before transitioning into entrepreneurship. His fervor lies in shaping the future landscape of work and education, aiming to empower individuals to discover their true calling and fostering purpose-driven enterprises. He has gained recognition as a successful serial entrepreneur in the realm of Future of Work, co-founding various thriving startups like STORM, a flexible benefits firm, and Allcare, a platform catering to freelancer benefits. Presently, Peter leads Humanae Ventures, a venture builder responsible for launching startups such as Bihasa, a digital learning service, and Cluster, a recruitment platform. He continues to nurture emerging ventures within this sphere. Notably, his achievements include being the 14th local entrepreneur accepted into the esteemed Endeavor Global Network, securing over $7 million in funding for his ventures, and serving as a mentor in Google's startup accelerator program, Google for Startups.

Ms. Patricia Dacanay
HR Business Partner
Holcim Philippines, Inc.

She is an accomplished Human Resource professional, presently holds the position of HR Business Partner at Holcim Philippines, Inc., where she has been actively involved since March 2022. Prior to this role, she served and is currently a Talent Management Officer within the same organization, showcasing her dedication and expertise in nurturing talent and fostering organizational growth. Patricia's career journey also includes a stint as a Freelance Recruitment Consultant at Locum Life Recruitment from November 2018 to May 2019. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas between 2011 and 2015, laying the foundation for her successful career in human resources. With a strong background in talent management and recruitment strategy, Patricia is committed to driving excellence and innovation in all her ventures.

With this panel session, we hope that our participants will be able to understand what kind of ideal settings there are in terms of work environment, so that they maybe be more guided in choosing the right company for them.

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